Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are easy to verify and unique digital tokens that portray items like images, GIFs, artworks, videos, albums, etc. These include everything you can purchase online, listed as NFT. Cryptocurrency is economic, the value depends on utility in terms of investment, while NFTs have both economic and noneconomic significance.

Digital art has been prevalent globally for some time, however, NFTs have started to revolutionize the method of buying or selling them. It is not easy to understand the value of any digital art. Since they were undervalued for a long time, NFTs have emerged to create value for the work, and impart more authenticity to the original form of any digital art.

The ownership of NFTs can be recorded through a blockchain. Blockchain is a digital ledger that stands identical to the network that transacts crypto coins. Every NFT is distinct and you cannot copy it. They are versatile digital tokens no other can own. While people can have copies of images of the artwork, no one can have the original work, hence some NFTs can even cost millions.

NFT, unlike cryptocurrencies, holds an emotional and sentimental value. You buy a digital asset, video, artwork, or image based on the way it welcomes you and how you feel about having it. It is valuable and increases its value, where you can resell for more money. Though it is a cryptographic token, it is not interchangeable, which makes it different from cryptocurrencies.

To buy an NFT, you can use the platforms like AcoNFT, which have numerous digital assets for sale. All you need to do is randomly choose the asset or artwork you wish to buy, and purchase them to own the entire value of the NFT.

The ownership of NFTs can be found on the blockchain. Since blockchains are decentralized, they are present as encrypted pieces that can let you understand whether an NFT is authentic or not. Also, make sure you find the address where NFT was minted– a legit NFT will include the information on the minted source.

NFTs are not new, but gained popularity recently. They originated way back in 2012 and moved to prominence in 2017 through CryptoKitties, where people bought virtual cats online. Through platforms that encouraged the trade of NFTs, digital artworks have come into high demand among individuals.

It entirely depends on the digital assets you wish to buy or sell. NFTs are growing as a popular option to sell or buy digital artwork, hence assigning a value to the NFT would look at the popularity of the artist and the history of the NFT sales.

This might depend on the perception of the people you choose to ask. Considering celebrities, artists, or musicians, might find NFTs the most attractive option since these are the best ways to sell their collectibles to the fans directly. The NFTs also provide an opportunity to reach the collectors directly, hence it could be a future for digital art.

You can use NFTs as an investment under these circumstances. You can buy NFT and resell it with gains. Some NFT marketplaces help NFT sellers to earn royalties for the assets they sell.

Yes, of course, you can sell your NFTs on marketplaces. The creator posts the NFTs with the value you expect. If the buyer accepts the price, you can complete the sale, and the portion of the sale goes to the creator.

Only with a crypto wallet, you store the NFTs. A Crypto wallet is a safe place where the NFTs you purchase can be stored.

In the crypto wallet, the NFT artworks or collectibles are visible in the form of a code, so to see the exact image, you should link the crypto wallet to the NFT reading platform.

In the current era, NFTs have gained much attention, and the public feels more anxious about the crypto-based system. Since they have the least risks and create new possibilities for business, NFTs have also started to grab the attention of investors and individuals alike. They have gone beyond luxury, enthusiasm, and revenue, with the maturity and authenticity of the digital work.

To make money using NFTs, you can sell or resell artwork on the marketplaces. Once you sign up with AcoNFT, you can validate the information with a blockchain and start selling your digital assets. In this way, you can list the piece and earn money once a buyer agrees to purchase it online.